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Are You Tired of Being Overweight ?

You Can Do Something About It In 5 Minutes My friend, here is good news for you. We can show you how to lose weight fast. And we can make it easy. No need to struggle. You just need to know the basic facts.

Seems Impossible To Start In 5 Minutes?

Well Think Again ! You can order this book and have it on the way to you in 5 minutes. You are not alone. You are definitely not the first person who has experienced the deep frustration of trying to lose weight and not achieving it. It can make you crazy or depressed or Heavens knows what else.

Just Read The First 17 Pages Of This Pocket-Sized-Book

As a matter of fact, our book, How To Lose Weight Fast, is much more than 17 pages, but you only have to read the first 17 pages of this amazing book to have an understanding of the basic principles and the steps of the how to lose weight fast: losing weight and keeping it off.

You can order this book in 5 minutes. How does that sound? Are you breathing a sigh of relief? You should be. Many others have been helped by this book.
Now it is your turn.

Let Us Focus On What You Want, How To Lose Weight Fast

-- You want fast ways to lose weight, without taking forever
-- You want to start as soon as you receive the book and see some results quickly
-- You want that special someone and your friends and family to look at you with admiration
-- You want a big smile on your face when you look in the mirror

What Are You Waiting For? Act Now.

For the price of a pizza, you can have this book. You can read those powerful first 17 pages and start taking the steps of weight loss right now and finally feel like you are in control.

Do You Know The Foods With Negative Calories?

These are foods that take more energy (burn calories) in the digestion process, than they have in them to start with. Imagine eating something that has 60 calories in it, but takes 80 calories to digest. Nice. Real nice.

-- You get to snack on something without adding pounds and no guilty feelings.
-- Next time you think about a potato chip for a snack, reach for a an apple instead.
-- This book has a section on the foods that are in the negative calorie group.
-- You have to read this.

Did You Know: Aerobic Training and Basketball Are Among The Highest Calorie Burning Activities?

Maybe you knew that, but did you also know that climbing stairs has equal or greater (burning of calories) than aerobics and basketball ? Next time you have the opportunity to take the stairs rather than the elevator, you can burn calories without going to the gym. See how easy this can be?
Do You Know What Apples Have To Do With Weight Loss?

-- A slice of apple pie has 400 calories (whoa)
-- A sliced apple has 60 calories
-- Think about this. This is a big deal !

Inside The Book: How To Lose Weight Fast

You only need to read the first 17 pages of this book to have an understanding of the basic principles and steps of the fast ways to lose weight: losing weight and keeping it off. But there is so much more. It is like a reference volume as well.

Here is a summary of what you get in this book:

-- Mindset
-- Magic Formula
-- When To Eat And How Much
-- What To Eat
-- Exercising
-- Closing
-- The 3 Essentail Truths Of Losing Belly Fat
-- The 7 Steps Of Losing Weight In A Short Period Of Time
-- 22 Quick Tips For Weight Loss
-- Calories Found In Food
-- Magic Foods, Negative Calorie Foods
-- Burning Calories Examples

Want To Look In The Mirror and Grin? Act Now.

How to lose weight fast.

Book price: $7.47

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